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Protect Your Investment with Travel Protection

Travel insurance provides valuable financial protection against a wide range of unforeseen situations that can happen before or during your trip. Many people discovered the benefit/importance of travel insurance during the the COVID-19 pandemic. As we learned during that time, even in the face of a worldwide pandemic, refunds aren't always guaranteed without insurance. Furthermore, most of the time government health plan coverages, credit card coverages, or employee benefit plan coverages aren’t sufficient to cover your travel expenses, especially while traveling out of the country.

What’s more, with travel insurance plans, you can travel the world knowing that 24/7 emergency support is just a phone call away should you have a travel or medical emergency while you’re traveling.

Most people assume travel insurance is mainly for cancellations or medical emergencies, but in reality there are a wide range of unexpected events that are covered, such as:

● Unexpected illness before your trip
● Unavoidable travel delay — covers meals, accommodations, and more
● Cancelled flight / cruise (very common these days — think: bad weather,
transportation strikes, mechanical breakdowns, etc.)
● Lost or stolen personal items — reimbursement for necessary medications,
clothing, jewelry, and other personal items.
● Natural disasters
● Financial insolvency of a travel supplier — if a company goes out of business
before you arrive, you don’t lose all that money!

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